Our priority is to provide members with the best possible exercise experience. Whatever your ability or goals, we cater for everyone and have worked hard to provide the right balance of cardio, functional and strength-training equipment to suit all of our members' needs. Our state-of-the-art gym has been separated into different areas and our qualified instructors are always on hand to offer advice and assistance, to ensure that you make the most of your membership.

Core Fitness is focusing all its efforts into providing a service for those trying to lose weight, tone, build muscle, or simply to improve fitness levels. Our gym has a very friendly atmosphere and is split up into a variety of different areas, meaning there is something for anybody wanting to pursue a healthier lifestyle.



For those aiming at developing power and strength, the Free Weights Room is the perfect solution.

Our weights come as free weights, including dumbbells & barbells, plus a full variety of plate loaded and pin loaded machines that will workout every muscle in your body.
Not only does strength training increase your physical work capacity, it also improves your ability to perform activities of daily living.

We have recently kitted out the gym with brand new cardio, from the staple Treadmills and Cross Trainers, to the more unique Air Bikes and Ski Ergs! All are excellent for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health (fat burning). If you choose to have a fitness induction you will be shown how to use the equipment and staff are always on hand to help you with any of the machines and guide you.

Cardio workouts burn calories, which can help you lose excess fat that hides muscle definition. Most people cannot gain muscle definition doing strength training alone because excess fat will cover your muscles, no matter how big they are.



We have stacks of functional training equipment, from slam balls, kettlebells and resistance bands to an 16m sprint track with sled, battleropes and an overhead Ninja Warrior Course! 

There's no better way to keep your workouts varied, challenging and fun!


We love barbells and we love good machines. We are always looking to update and offer new and more innovative kit to provide our members alternative ways to train.  Our machines are some of the finest available and many are of vintage quality, irreplaceable in today's throw-away budget driven market. These are designed to be effective, safe and comfortable to use, with easy adjustment of weight.


There’s more to strength training than just getting strong. Strength training builds muscles and increases bone density.  It’s about shaping and toning your body to achieve the visible results and health benefits you seek. Core Fitness has an excellent assortment of Plate Loaded Hammer Strength and Hammer Strength MTS equipment, that is user friendly, comfortable and will help you in achieving extraordinary results. Take advantage of the quality and variety of our strength training equipment to look better and feel better.